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Shadow fight 3 Cheats Tips & Tricks

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There are a lot of Fighting Games for Android and IOS. The game Shadow fight 3 from Nekki stands out especially from the broad masses of games, because in Shadow fight 3 it is less about the memorization of combos and stroke sequences, but much more to develop a solid strategy for your battles , Also the design of the game have seen as in this form in yet no fight game. With the simple shadow design, the developers of the app remain true to their style, which probably already one or other player from the app knows. In this article, we will introduce you a few Shadow fight 3 tips, tricks and all the latest information about the latest Cheats for Shadow fight 3 Add paragraph text here.

The foundations in Shadow fight 3

In Shadow fight 3, you have a series of punches and kicks to help you heat your opponents. You can vary your attacks by doing an attack while moving the left joystick in the same direction.
So keep the left joystick forward to start a direct attack forward, or backwards (ie away from the opponent) to defend you against incoming Triche Shadow Fight 3 Hack attacks of your opponent.
Unlike in other games, Shadow fight 3 plays the role you hit your opponent. So you can create strong hits or critical hits on your opponent by hitting your head or sensitive parts of the body. So imagine your enemies and use the weak points that open up for you. If, for example, an opponent jumps to you, you can take advantage of this by kicking in the air (back-down, kick) so you can get your opponent out of the air.
In the Dojo, you can practice your moves and attacks and see what works best for you. To get the best results in the fight, it is advisable to combine offensive as well as defensive attacks as balanced.

How can I upgrade my character in Shadow fight 3?

You can unlock 2 new characters and moves in Shadowfight where you win battles. The unlocked move you can then learn with your character in the Dojo. The more your characters learn in the dojo, the more agile and versatile your attacks will be in combat.
Of course there are also the possibility in Shadow fight 3 Coins Hack further items with Coins, or the premium currency, the precious stones, free. You will get this however almost exclusively by InApp purchase. So if you do not want to earn the coins for a certain sword, clothes or character in the game, you have the opportunity to grab InApp.

I am always beaten, what can I do?

Sometimes an opponent is stronger than you are. In most cases, you should consider which attacks you can counter your opponent. For this, long kick attacks and straigt-forward strokes work best. Think about the attacks you can combine in order to create effective hit sequences. Combine the best of a few short kick and stroke sequences with strong attacks to not let your opponent get to the train. But look at your defense as well as the attack, because most players only play offensive. With an active defense, you can capture tons of damage in battle.

Is there a multiplayer in Shadow fight 3?

Unfortunately, there is still no multiplayer in Shadow fight 3 and there is probably no upcoming multiplayer mode planned. Due to the big single player campaign with currently over six different worlds one is however also occupied for some time.

Are there any cheats in Shadow fight 3?

A Cheat in Shadow fight 3 with which you could fill the energy bar without waiting, for example, or infinitely many jewels could be handy, but in the case of Shadow fight 3 cheats, we have to disappoint you, unfortunately Developers to benefit from the InApp purchases in the game are certainly no cheats built into the game. Currently, there are Dragon Mania Legends iOS Hack Tool already videos in which alleged Shadow fight 3 hacks are to be seen, but such tools we want to warn at this point, because behind these programs usually only hides malicious software.

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If you still have Shadow fight 3 tips or tricks, then write this into the comments, so the article should constantly expand. The one or the other player will be happy about your tips or tricks.

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