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Lords Mobile tricks - guide to play as a pro

We present a Lords Mobile cheat guide with all the information to raze in the game

You are looking for these Lords Mobile tricks because you have fallen into the addiction of this wonderful free mobile game. And is that despite the many MMO titles that are now for mobile, Lords Mobile sweeps precisely by mixing the fantasy genre with the strategy.

In Lords Mobile you will have to create your own Lords Mobile Hack kingdom, build buildings and create troops that fight against enemies. It is a really addictive game that you can download for free directly from the.The game has internal micro-payments but you should be able to play without spending a single euro thanks to our tricks.

We present the best tricks of Lords Mobile

In this guide we will explain how to get heroes in Lords Mobile and how to improve their level so that they are totally unbeatable. We will also teach you to enjoy the adventure with a couple of strategies that will make you completely invincible. It does not do any good to enjoy the game to the fullest if you then throw down your castle and with it all the progress you had made with the heroes.

So without further ado we turn to our Lords Mobile cheat guide. Remember that you can visit our cheat page to find all the guides and tips of your favorite games. If you like mobile games, take a look also at another game that you will love.

Lords Mobile tricks - how to unlock heroes in Lords Mobile

Unlocking the heroes in Lords Mobile is relatively simple: you only have to advance naturally in campaign mode. The campaign / story mode you will have to go through different dungeons and beat yourself with a lot of monsters and enemies. At the end of each one, we will meet a boss. The boss unlocks a different hero that is related to the story.

But there is another way to achieve it. If we look at twitter the screen, at the top of the right we will see that there is an icon of a helmet with an interrogation. When entering the helmet we will see that 10 heroes appear blocked. To unlock them we will have to unite the 10 pieces that each one asks for. It is a tedidoso process since the pieces are drops that loose the defeated enemies in different missions. It is a very long process that will undoubtedly take a good time.

Lords Mobile tricks - level up the heroes

Once we have unlocked our heroes, it is time to level them up. We choose the hero we want to work with and introduce it into our main character team to perform missions. The missions that are not part of the story are the ones that give you the most experience, so we recommend that you always start with the secondary and daily missions.

In the menu it appears directly how much experience each mission gives us. We will have to choose the one that gives us the greatest possible experience so that we can find the time. As you do the missions you will see how your heroes are leveling up and acquiring new stats and abilities.

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